NASA Images of Arizona Wildfire Detail Scope of Blaze

NASA’s Earth Observatory has released detailed images of the wildfires in Arizona this week, which have scorched some 389,000 acres in the past ten days and forced thousands of residents to evacuate.

Known as the Wallow Fire, the blaze has been spread by winds up to 40 miles per hour and dry, hot air.

Courtesy NASA Earth Observatory

"This image, taken by the Landsat-7 satellite on June 7, shows the northern edge of the fire.

The image was made with infrared light. Bright red spots are actively burning areas, and darker red areas are freshly burned ground. Unburned forest and grassland is green, while sparsely planted earth or bare ground is pale pink. In many places, the fire has burned right to the edge of the forest.”

Courtesy NASA Earth Observatory

"Red outlines the fire in this image. Winds were blowing the fire northeast toward the communities of Alpine and Nutrioso, both of which were evacuated. The dense plume of smoke pouring north from the massive fire affected air quality as far north as Wyoming and as far east as Georgia.”