Politico reports on a classified brief about the bin Laden killing.

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Interesting piece on Bin Laden’s purported will, claiming he wishes his wives not to remarry and his children not to follow in their footsteps. Guardian is reporting on reports by the Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Anbaa. Not sure if it’s confirmed yet.

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NPR News Blog ‘The Two-Way’ written by Eyder Peralta poses an interesting question-

"If the United States decided to release pictures of Osama bin Laden, would it violate international law?"

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Great interview with The New Yorker’s Lawrence Wright on what bin Laden’s death means for al-Qaida and for US-Pakistan relations.

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The Daily Telegraph ran a piece today about the identity of Osama Bin Laden’s courier- he is identified as Abu Ahmed al-Kuwaiti

CNN also has the story

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Interesting explanation of why bin Laden’s death won’t significantly hurt al-Qaida’s funding.

"The fact that [bin Laden’s] an icon means that you can use him in a different way to raise money than the way in which he himself personally visited people to raise money."

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Excellent piece in The Nation by Jeremy Scahill on the changing dynamic of special operations:

"…While JSOC-and the Navy SEALs in particular-will become legendary in a much broader circle as a result of the bin Laden killing, the secretive unit has had its share of controversy. JSOC forces were responsible for the botched rescue that ended up killing British aid worker Linda Norgrove in Afghanistan on October 8, 2010. JSOC also carried out a raid in Gardez, Afghanistan, in February 2010 during which two pregnant women and a US-trained Afghan police commander were killed. In that case, senior Afghan security officials and eyewitnesses claimed that US forces dug the bullets out of the dead women’s bodies. Initially, JSOC’s forces tried to cover up the incident by blaming the killings on a Taliban "honor killing." Eventually, Admiral McRaven took responsibility for the botched raid and apologized to the family…."

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