Cobbler vs. Gobbler

On Tuesday, the White House blog introduced the two turkeys headed to Washington for the annual Thanksgiving holiday pardon: Cobbler and Gobbler.

Born on the same day on a farm in Rockingham County, Va., Cobbler and Gobbler may look alike, but they’re no birds of a feather. Cobbler craves cranberries, is known for his strut and enjoys the musical stylings of Carly Simon. Gobbler, a patient but proud bird, loves to nibble on corn and enjoys any music with a fiddle.

Only one of the toms will attend Wednesday’s presidential pardon ceremony at the White House. The winner is determined by a contest on the White House Facebook page. Both birds will then head to their future home at George Washington’s Mount Vernon Estate. Here’s a video of the warm welcome Liberty, the 2011 National Thanksgiving Turkey, received a year ago.

To find out if Cobbler or Gobbler is this year’s National Thanksgiving Turkey, watch the event streamed live here at 2 p.m. ET.