Memorial Day Reads

If you need something to read or watch you’re in luck: Reporter Molly Finnegan whipped up a list of some of our great Memorial Day related stories.

  • 'The Returning Dead': “Each night I make a drink and wait for them/ They have become the day’s concluding news” -Wyatt Prunty wrote the The Returning Dead” as a response to the NewsHour’s Honor Roll [May 31, 2010]
  • "War is long periods of boredom punctuated by moments of sheer terror." Between the battles, photographers captured scenes of the Civil War [April 12, 2011]
  • "A Memorial Day at a time of war is a unique and freighted thing…" Essayist Anne Taylor Fleming reflects [May 31, 2004]
  • "Modern memorials, like modern art, are unassertive, deliberately vague." -Roger Rosenblatt has some thoughts on our Memorial Days. [May 29, 2000]
  • A book about war that has stood the test of time: last year we talked to ‘The Things They Carried’ author Tim O’Brien for the book’s 20th anniversary [April 28, 2010]
  • Five scholars discuss the origins and implications of Memorial Day [May 24, 1996]
  • Everyone loves dogs,” says Olszak. “All of our dogs remind the guys of their pups at home, so it’s a good morale boost.” A profile of military dogs in Quantico. [May 26, 2011]
  • A conversation about the elite WWII force that saved Europe’s monuments from Nazi forces [November 11, 2009]
  • RIP Tim Hetherington. Jeffrey Brown spoke to him about his experience covering wars. [November 16, 2010]