Why haven’t we heard more about climate change during the national campaign?

Joseph Romm, Center for American Progress:

Well, of course, Mitt Romney gets a lot of money from fossil fuel interests. So, that’s one reason he even opposes a clean energy tax credit for wind.

Obama, I think, is just misreading the polls entirely…It’s when global warming becomes local that the public becomes concerned about it. And that’s why the polls in the last two years have shown the public is increasingly concerned, and this is particularly true of independent voters also. They are very concerned about their local pollution, but also the extreme weather that they have been seeing.

Who could miss 14 billion-dollar extreme weather disasters in this country last year and over seven this year? It’s just — you know, everyone sees the weather is going crazy, and it’s affecting them. It’s not going to be affecting a distant people in a distant land a distant time from now. It’s happening here now.